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Search discipline outcomes, including archived decisions made by the former BC College of Teachers. Discipline outcomes prior to July 1, 2007, and discipline outcomes involving educators who are no longer authorized to teach, are only available in this database. They are not available in the online registry.

This database of discipline outcomes is provided as a public service and is for information purposes only. This search engine is meant to allow for simple searches and may not meet all of your requirements. Please note:

  • The database only provides information about discipline outcomes that were previously published online.
  • Search results may not match the keywords you enter. Specific keywords may fall under different search categories. For different results, try entering different search terms.
  • Results may not be all-encompassing.
  • While every effort has been made to accurately categorize the discipline outcomes, we cannot guarantee the integrity of the search results. Some discipline outcomes may have been inadvertently miscategorized, and others may be categorized in a manner with which the user might disagree.

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