Standards Questions and Case Studies

Educators can use these questions and case studies as an additional resource to explore the Standards. The numbered items in the clickable menu bar below contain questions and/or case studies related to each of the eight Standards. Click in the boxes adjacent to the questions and/or case studies that you would like to use for further discussion. When you have selected all the questions/case studies you want to include, click on "Save" in the menu bar.

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Questions related to regulation and standards in general

  Why are there Standards for the teaching profession?

  What are some ways in which the Standards can be useful to you?

  How can those working in education be assured that applying the Standards does not lead to standardization, but provides for a rich variety of practices?

  Why is it important that educators hold themselves accountable to Standards of both competence and conduct?

  How could the Standards be used by each of the following: a) individual teacher b) principal c) a group of teachers or a school staff d) a university faculty of education e) a sponsor teacher f) a student teacher g) Ministry of Education h) a parent i) the public

  What are some possible consequences of breaching the Standards?

  What role might the following play if there has been a serious breach of the Standards: a) the employer b) Ministry of Education c) the courts or legal system

  Why is it common practice for regulators such as the Ministry of Education to publish the names and case summaries of certificate holders who have been disciplined by the regulatory body for breaches of the Standards?

  Who is responsible for developing and maintaining the Standards?

  Educators are held accountable for their conduct both on and off the job. Why is this the case? Do you think it is a reasonable expectation?

  The Supreme Court of Canada has stated that educators are held to a higher standard than the average citizen. What arguments can you make to support this statement?

  What are some examples of educators' conduct away from the job that should be addressed by the Standards?

  What may cause Standards to change over time?

  What responsibility does an educator have to report breaches of the Standards?